A truck with aid for animals from animal shelters in Kharkiv arrived yesterday at our warehouse in Khanyz near Lviv. Like every week, we delivered 1500 kg of food for dogs and cats. Our warehouse is empty because the shelters regularly collect food from there. Transport to the war zones has definitely improved. When we started, the shelters had a big problem getting aid. The food was piling up in our warehouse. Now it is working very efficiently. We are just happy. The animals receive the gifts you donate very quickly.
All the aid reaching Ukraine is only possible thanks to you.
For this we would like to thank you on behalf of us and the animals.

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Update 11.05.2022

Marek is on his way today with another delivery of animal food to our warehouse near Lviv. From there, the food goes to the neediest animal shelters. We deliver food there every week, but it is still not enough. The need is huge, both on the part of the shelters for homeless animals and on the part of private individuals, who often have set up mini shelters in their own homes and pick up abandoned dogs and cats from the streets.

Next week we plan to send a big load of food to Ukraine to help as many animals as possible. We are sending a 20-tonne truck but to fill it with animal food we need your help .

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Update 09.05.2022

Last Friday, the help for animals in Ukraine started from Benkowo. The action was organized in cooperation with InPost – Paczkomaty, Kurier, which delivers pallets with donations to the border with Ukraine free of charge. At the border, the aid is collected directly from the donation recipients or organizations. We prepared 11 pallets with food for dogs, cats and horses. The donations will go to the Lviv Hippodrome, the Sumy Stud Farm and to Mrs Oksana and Mrs Krystyna from Kharkiv.
We would like to thank you for your commitment to supporting the animals in Ukraine. It is only thanks to you that this is possible!
This week, we are sending another truck with relief supplies for animals to Ukraine. And our warehouse in Benkowo is already empty again. We don’t want to abuse your generosity, but the situation of the animals in Ukraine is dramatic, and they need help. Therefore, we ask you once again for your support. We especially need food for dogs and cats.
You can bring your donation to us or send it to the address in Benkowo:
Fundacja Benek
Orzechowa 15,
63-004 Szewce, Poland
Contact person: Alan – +48 729 003 107 (WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram)

Update 03.05.2022

We arrived with another shipment of pet food to Ukraine. Our warehouse near Lviv was already empty. The animal shelters we look after in Kharkiv regularly receive food for the animals. This time, in addition to animal food, we also delivered several boxes of veterinary medicines. They are urgently needed because many animals are injured and urgently need help.
Thank you very much for your generous support. Thanks to you, the poor dogs and cats from Kharkiv will be treated and have something to eat.
We ask for your continued support!

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A big THANK YOU for all your support.
Your help makes a big difference.