The animal shelter "Pegasus" from Dnjepr approached us with a desperate request for help. They rescue injured animals left behind by people fleeing the war. They lack food for animals and medicine.

The Pegasus animal shelter in Dnieper, Ukraine, is in a dramatic situation due to the war. Hundreds of animals are in the shelter’s care – not only dogs and cats, but also horses, farm animals and wild animals. The care and feeding of the animals has never been easy, and during the war it is almost a miracle to provide them with the necessary treatment and feeding.

Currently, the Pegasus Animal Shelter receives many injured, sick or extremely starved animals from war zones. They often need immediate medical care and special food. The shelter workers are aware that they are not able to provide all this, but what should they do? Not taking in another injured animal would condemn it to suffering and death… So they take it in, treat it, feed it and hope that they will still have something to eat for them all tomorrow.

There are times in the meantime when food for the animals is really scarce, not to mention medication or bandages. Therefore, the shelter turned to us with a desperate request for support. When we saw their situation, we immediately decided – we will do everything we can to help them!

We deeply ask you to help the Pegasus animal shelter in Dnjepr. All the money collected here will be transferred to the shelter’s bank account. As soon as the collection is completed, we will publish the transfer receipts here.

If you would like to support our activities for Pegasus Animal Shelter:
🔘 Donation with the title: „For the Pegasus animal shelter in Dnjepr”.

Address: BENEK Foundation, Orzechowa 15, 63-004 Szewce.
◾️ For bank transfers in EURO
– 08102040270000150217290776
◾️For donations from Poland:
– 23102040270000110216926564
◾️ For donations from abroad:
– BPKOPLPWPL23102040270000110216926564


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You can also bring the things that are needed to us or send them to us:

– Dog and cat food
– transport boxes
– Leashes and collars
– Preparations against fleas and ticks
– Dressing materials
Shipping address for parcels:
Fundacja BENEK
ul. Orzechowa 15
63-004 Szewce (Poland)
Michał Bednarek
Tel  506 349 596

A big THANK YOU for all your support.
Your help makes a big difference.