Tamara from Kharkiv has not eaten for a month.
She requires intensive care

Update 13.04.2022.


Dear Sir or Madam, 

Thanks to your compassion and generosity, we have managed to raise money for Tamara’s treatment. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Tamara is doing a little better. She is eating on her own, starting to stand up and being led outside the clinic. Her condition is still very weak, but no longer critical. We would also like to thank Tamara’s carers at the shelter in Kharkiv for their help.

There are many victims of the war in Ukraine. And among them, those that cannot be found in any official statistics. These are the animals.

One of these victims is Tamara.

Tamara used to guard the grounds of a manufacturing company in Kharkiv. But since the war came, no one appeared on the premises of the company. And Tamara was locked up, without food or water. When rescuers from the shelter found her, by some miracle she was still alive. But her condition was dramatic.

The rescuers urgently took the emaciated and weak dog to a veterinary clinic. Her condition turned out to be critical. She was put under intensive care, hydrated, and fed with a drip.

For the first few days, Tamara fought for her life. At the moment her condition has stabilised, but she is still too weak to get up. She receives medication, very light meals and has anti-decubitus therapy. She still needs very intensive medical care.

We kindly ask you to support Tamara’s treatment and rehabilitation.

If you would like to support Tamara:
🔘 Donation with the title: „For Tamara”.
Address: BENEK Foundation, Orzechowa 15, 63-004 Szewce.
◾️ For bank transfers in EURO
– 08102040270000150217290776
◾️For donations from Poland:
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🔘 PayPal: fundacja.benek@op.pl

A big THANK YOU for all your support.
Your help makes a big difference.