Rescue for Sara from Kharkiv! - a bomb fragment massacred her paws

Update 13.04.2022

Sara had an operation, her paws had to be amputated. She is still undergoing medical treatment, her condition is stable and the wounds are now slowly healing. She has a good appetite and is starting to look at people less fearfully. At first, she hid in a corner to avoid contact with people. Today she is still cautious, but thanks to the patience and care of the carers, she is slowly starting to trust people.

On behalf of Sara, the volunteers, the vets, and ourselves, we would like to thank you for your support for the dog. You have helped to ensure that she could be operated on and treated despite the ongoing warfare and is still very well cared for. You have saved her life.

And finally, some good news: from the information we have received from Kharkov, we also know that as soon as her health permits, she will go to her new adoptive home, which is already waiting for her.

If you would like to support Sara:
🔘 Donation with the title: „For Sara”.
Address: BENEK Foundation, Orzechowa 15, 63-004 Szewce.
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Sara was wounded in the bombardment of Kharkiv.
The dog did not manage to escape, a bomb fragment hit her in the front paws. Scared and wounded, she crawled with the last of her strength into the warehouse, where she managed to get to safety. She survived. But her legs were broken, the bones only clinging to her skin. Blood, open fractures, unimaginable suffering for a dog that was a victim of war.

Sara had to undergo an emergency amputation, it was the only chance for her to survive.

The dog is in the care of the animal shelter for which we – thanks to you – provide food and bandages and which we support financially. Sara urgently needs our help. Daily changing of bandages, medication, care are big costs. The doctors say directly that the treatment in Sara’s case will be of long duration.
The dog is frightened and withdraws into herself. What she has experienced is a great trauma.


Sarah is fighting for her life after surviving a bomb attack.
Help is needed to cover the cost of treatment.
There are more such animals in Kharkiv and without our help they have no chance of being saved.


A big THANK YOU for all your support.
Your help makes a big difference.