Let's save Mishka's front paw

Update 17.05.2022

Thank you very much for your support and help for Miszka. The dog is still undergoing treatment and needs to go to the clinic regularly as the bones in his paw have not yet fully fused. Probably another operation will be necessary.

Thanks to you, Miszka has the chance to recover! His carers would like to express their heartfelt thanks to you.

The shelter in Zaporozhye, which we help in these difficult times of war, has asked us to help rescue the front paw of the dog Mishka.

The shelter in Zaporozhye received information that a dog smeared with blood was lying in the snow with a broken paw from which bones were sticking out. Volunteers from the shelter took Mishka to the clinic. There were numerous wounds on Mishka’s head and his front paw had an open fracture with dislocations and many bone splinters. All wounds were treated. Wires were attached to the paw to fuse the bones together.

The wounds on the head have healed, the lacerations on the paw have also healed. Unfortunately, the bones did not fuse for two months – despite the system being installed. Fragments of bone came loose due to the construction and a swelling formed on the paw. The wire system had to be removed and the paw was plastered. Now the doctors are waiting for the swelling to go down. Then a second osteosynthesis operation will be necessary.

The shelter in Zaporozhye is in a very difficult situation and urgently needs money for this operation and the subsequent rehabilitation.

Help us to save Mishka’s paw!


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A big THANK YOU for all your support.
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