Rescue for Mars from Zaporizhzhya! This is the last chance for him to still be able to walk!

Mars is one of the dogs who became a silent victim of the war in Ukraine.

But his sad story began a long time ago. He came to the shelter „Give a paw, friend” last winter when he was found badly injured on one of the streets of Zaporizhzhya on a very cold night. His front paw was so broken that it was only hanging by the skin. All the tendons were completely severed and the paw could not be saved. The only solution was amputation.

Without one of his paws, Mars was doing quite well in the shelter. But then came the war. Already in the first days, alarm sirens sounded in the city, warning of possible bomb attacks. The shelter is in the middle of the city, so the sound of the sirens is so loud and frightens the animals so much that they throw themselves blindly against the fences in panic and try to escape. Some dogs then have heart attacks or epileptic seizures.

One such alarm occurred at night when there were no keepers at the shelter. Mars ran away blindly in fright, only to get further away. He tried to escape through the bars. One of his hind legs got stuck in the fence, but the frightened dog felt no pain, he just wanted to run away as far as he could. He twitched and flailed around, trying at all costs to free himself from the trap.

Mars spent several hours in this trap until he was found in the morning by his keepers from the shelter. His hind paw, which was trapped in the fence, was in a dramatic condition. The skin and muscles were torn down to the bone.

Mars is currently in hospital. The doctors are trying at all costs to prevent his paw from having to be amputated. For the poor dog, it is the only way to walk – after all, he no longer has a front paw…. He can manage with three, but with two? He will be condemned to total disability for the rest of his life, which is sad enough.

This story was so traumatic for Mars that now, when the sirens sound, he has an epileptic attack. And the sirens sometimes sound as many as 10 times a day….

Will this be the next victim of man-made wars? Mars, a disabled dog with epilepsy?

Mars’ treatment is extremely expensive. But it is the only chance for him to function normally – or almost normally – again. We ask with all our hearts to help with Mars’ treatment and rehabilitation. The shelter itself is in a dramatic situation due to the war, lacking food, medicine, bandages, and money. Funding Mars’ treatment is simply not feasible for them. They are his only hope. Please, help Mars!

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