Help for Aniuta from Zaporizhzhya

Update 17.05.2022


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help for Aniuta. As you can see, the cat is in a much better condition. Her skin is practically healed.

Aniuta still has to undergo sterilization. We hope that she will find a new, loving home.

We thank you!

This is the cat Aniuta. Aniuta is another victim of the war in Ukraine. She comes from Zaporizhzhya. She is one of the animals that ended up on the street after her caretakers fled the city.

Aniuta came to the „Give Paw, Friend” shelter with a severe skin disease that damaged 80% of her body surface. She needs long-term treatment, special care and proper food, so she was immediately taken to the clinic.

But the situation of the shelter itself is dramatic. There is a lack of animal food, medication, bandages and money. Everything. Feeding the animals is bordering on a miracle. Therefore, they are not able to cover the costs of Aniuta’s treatment. But what can they do? Deny an innocent animal the right to life?

That’s why the cat is in the clinic, the doctors are fighting for her health and we ask you to support Aniuta’s treatment. You are her only chance.

If you would like to support Aniuta:
🔘 Donation with the title: „For Aniuta”.
Address: BENEK Foundation, Orzechowa 15, 63-004 Szewce.
◾️ For bank transfers in EURO
– 08102040270000150217290776
◾️For donations from Poland:
– 23102040270000110216926564
◾️ For donations from abroad:
– BPKOPLPWPL23102040270000110216926564


🔘 PayPal:

A big THANK YOU for all your support.
Your help makes a big difference.